F.A.Q. - Using this Site

This site has been developed to meet the community learning network needs of cultural workers who have completed the S.E.A.R.C.H. Program of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, their friends and supporters, and the larger arts and culture community in Greater Vancouver.

What is the purpose of this site?
It is intended to be a useful tool for the exchange of information, for finding other artists and creatives to work with, for promoting events of interest to SEARCHgrads, and links to useful sites. 


Who can use it?
At first, the registered users will be artists of all disciplines who have completed the S.E.A.R.C.H. Program of the Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver B.C., and others who have been involved in program delivery. The community of users will build from this group without excuding like-minded people from outside.


What do we hope the impact of this website will be?
  1. Several artists who were formerly unable to access the internet or create their own self-marketing materials have begun to do both. In the arts and culture sector, not to be hooked into a broad communications and collaboration network is to become increasingly marginalized. Our resources have really helped reverse this trend for many people. As creative people, their markets and potential collaborators may not be located in Vancouver - this access makes it possible to connect with others around the globe for research, testing, support and the creation of work.
  2. People are more able to connect electronically, to promote their events, products, services, share information of use to all, ask for assistance or barter for services.
  3. It empowers its users to take action and reach beyond the confines of their existing knowledge base and world view. It makes it possible for us to point people in a direction, and with a minimum of help or supervision, have them do the work to find the information or connections they need. Thus it maximized the scarce resources of the Alliance to help individuals effectively, without unnecessarily burdening the staff.


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